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Sample Of Tv Programme Proposal


A other as they read, this post is dedicated to VAMPS. And no, I will not get to mourn as to some main blog entry because I have no ticket for the concert this November 6 at the Theatre Caupolicán, Santiago de Chile, or anything like that because I got it! = D ... well, not so well as to have, have, but I paid and just need to send it to me n_n

Turning to update that brings me here, and taking that this is a download blog, I come:

takes weeks (if not months oo) listening to this group, as I explained in that my post whining, vocalist of Laruku is the same (or L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel, to make it more clear n_n), but alone, is presenting a very different bearing to that wonderful group (as well as he has every one of its members).

two years ago because band VAMPS was initiated, with the official KAZ (Oblivion Dust) and HYDE (L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel). To date they have released two albums, one in 2009, the namesake VAMPS and recently hit the market the BEAST.

During these years have seen the light four singles for the album VAMPS (June 10, 2009), and two Maxi Singles, for the album BEAST (July 7, 2010)

leave the download links (in bold) are for Mediafire and have a password, (I do not want to eliminate them, we'll see if I avoid it xD) password? Lapasionignorada

VAMPS Singles (the 4 release date + tracklist):

July 2, 2008 - ; LOVE ADDICT
01 .- Love Addict
02 .- Time Goes By

March 13, 2009 - I GOTTA KICK START NOW
01 .- I Gotta Kick Start Now
02 .- Trouble

May 15, 2009 - EVANESCENT
01 .- Evanescent
02 .- Life on Mars?

September 30, 2009 - SWEET DREAMS
01 .- Sweet Dreams
02 .- Sweet Dreams - acoustic

BEAST Maxi Singles (the 2 release date):

May 12, 2010 - DEVIL SIDE
01 .- Devil Side
02 .- Live Wire

June 9, 2010 - ANGEL TRIP
01 .- Angel Trip
02. - Kyuketsu (VAMPS Satsugai version)

Full Albums:

10, junio de 2009 -  VAMPS  
01.- Bite
02.- Love Addict
03.- Cosmos
04.- Secret in My Heart
05.- Evanescent
06.- Vampire Depression
07.- Redrum
08.- Deep Red
09.- I Gotta Kick Start Now
10.- Time Goes By
11.- Sweet Dreams
12.- Hunting
13.- Sex Blood Rock n' Roll 

07 de julio del 2010 -  BEAST  
01.- Plug In
02.- Devil Side 
03.- Angel Trip 
04.- Memories 
05.- Euphoria 
06.- Vamps Addiction 
07.- Revolution 
08 .- The Past
09 .- Piano Duet
10 .- Rumble
11 .- Get Up
12 .- Samsara
13 .- My First Last

= D

As for the DVD and PV ... xD I have too but if I get up, I'll do next time, now I have little time (I have to upgrade Bon Voyage, I got stuck on the third issue and I have the following in my head! x3)

A Versh ... compared to singles, I have my preferences. I'll tell you what and I'll explain why:

From single Evanescent:
Life on Mars? \u0026lt;This is a cover of David Bowie ... that in fact, left me freaking out a good time!

leave here the original in vivo:

... and here's the cover of VAMPS Live in USA 2009

A little not ... different? I love both! but I have preference for VAMPS kukukukuku

Now, the Angel Maxi Single Trip, Kyuketsu!
This issue is a "vampire adaptation" of Satsugai, Detroit Metal City Opening
leave the PV of the original:

... and VAMPS version now (*¬*)

They realized? yes? no? instead of saying "Kill" says "Bite" xDDDDDDDD A has caused me much grace! x3

And that was it!

Soon ... naaahhh ... x3 extra leave a gift ... I do not know, may already have it, but just in case! x3

Oricon Style RAR

This is part of the content * ¬ *

and now if ... SAYONARA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = D
Nahra -coat? oO LOL-

PS: I have downloaded these albums for different pages, I'd give credit but do not remember which were in my euphoria after downloading, I lost the info. _. ... But as I have reuploaded, I do not think there is a problem, right? xDU
If you see the links or copy paste the info, please, tell me, took me a while to write all this uwu


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